Green Home


We’ve just had a plant disaster.

My friend kindly gave me one of her spider plant babies and it’s grown in to a huge beast of a plant, with many babies of it’s own. The original big boy has been sat on the shelf I put up in the spare room (my only bit of DIY apart from hanging pictures) but today it looked a little lopsided. About an hour ago it fell off the shelf (was the shelf wonky? Nothing else has fallen… Did the plant jump?!) and on to the pale floral bedding in the spare room. Another good reason for a spring clean I guess.

Anyway, here’s a selection of the greenery in our house, covering most surfaces, making it a nightmare when toddlers come to visit.

We don’t have children, we don’t have pets, we don’t own our house so we haven’t painted the walls, so instead we have filled the house with beautiful plants: a small orange tree, our cheese plant, air plants hanging in the windows, cacti and succulents.

Oh and the small gin at the end was a Christmas present that I’ve only just got round to enjoying and wanted to put online because the bottle, which is the size of my palm, is so damn cute.


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